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HB 1

Requires teaching the history of Communism, including "cultural Marxism."  Many feel this would mean teaching against multiculturalism, globalism, women's rights, and LGBTQ rights.

HB 1291
SB 1372

Attacks academic freedom.  Prohibits certain discussions about systemic racism, sexism, oppression, and privilege.

HB 1349

Bans Floridians under age 16 from using social media platforms.  Many feel this would be detrimental to those youth who are part of minority groups, such as the LGBTQ.

HB 1122

Stops local communities from removing statues honoring Confederate generals...also allows DeSantis to remove city or county leaders who vote to take down such statues

HB 1301

Cuts off funding for airports and seaports which follow public health guidelines from the federal govt and other measures

HB 17

Allows transfer of firearm after 72 hours even if results of background check are not known

HB 1223

Lowers minimum age for purchasing a firearm to 18....This basically undoes the more restrictive bill that was passed after the Parkland shooting.

HB 1365

Prevents cities and counties from allowing unhoused people to sleep on public property

HB 465

Targets students at Florida universities who speak out in support of Palestine...a very anti-free speech bill

HB 1639

Targets transgenders receiving healthcare...allows insurance companies to charge higher prices and to cover "detransitioning"

SB 1260

Makes it harder for Floridians to file for unemployment benefits...requires "skills assessment" and filling out applications weekly in person

HB 601

Bans civilian oversight boards to local police...puts power for reviewing police misconduct at the state level

HB 901
SB 1120

Bans government agencies and schools and colleges from flying LGBTQ pride flags and other political type flags

HB 789
SB 738

Penalizes citizens who challenge and lose a state environmental decision by requiring them to pay up to $50,000 in the state's court costs.  NOTE: HB 789 sponsored by Overdorf

HB 269

Gives tax break to those who buy planes in Florida.  NOTE:  Sponsored by Overdorf

SB 7000

SB 7002

SB 7004

Essentially deregulates public schools, lowers academic standards

SB 32

Requires DEP to adopt rules for mangrove replanting and restoration

HB 531

Triples sentences for theft if county lines are crossed.  NOTE:  Sponsored by Snyder

HB 49
SB 1596

Rolls back child labor protections for 16 and 17-year-old children

HB 1195

Local governments would need a two-thirds supermajority for property tax increases 

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