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Fake or Fact?

It's sometimes hard to know whether what you read is true.   Writers and the organizations that publish their writings often have a bias.  Same for TV news and other outlets.   


Check out rumors.  Know the facts about politics.  Check media bias.  Verify.

POLITIFACT provides fact checking of US politics.

POLITIFACT FLORIDA focuses on issues related to Florida.

FACTCHECK says it is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that points out deception and inaccuracies in US politics. is a project of he Annenberg Public Policy Center at the Univ of Pennsylvania.

SNOPES lets you check the latest rumors, pictures, memes, fake news stories.  Snopes has its own fact-checking operation and does its own investigations to bring you evidence-based and contextualized analysis.

Media Bias/Fact Check provides comprehensive media bias resource.  Identifies whether media is left, center, or right biased. Over 2600 media sources listed.  Use Search feature to check out specific sources.

Sourcewatch tracks corporations and their PR spin.  This is a publication from the Center for Media and Democracy.

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