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The 2024 Florida Legislative schedule is as follows:

  • October - December, 2023:  Committee meetings two weeks in each month

  • January 9, 2024:  Regular Session convenes 12:00 noon (Article III, section 3(b), State Constitution)

  • February 27, 2024:  Day 50; last day for regularly scheduled committee meetings (Senate Rule 2.9(2))

  • March 8, 2024: Day 60; Regular Session ends (Article III, section 3(d), State Constitution)

Background Info:

The Florida State Legislature meets in session every year for 60 consecutive days.

  • In even-numbered years, the Legislature meets on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January.

  • In odd-numbered years, the Legislature meets on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March. (Meeting later in year gives newly elected officials time to prepare.)

  • Occasionally there are also special sessions called for by the Governor or Senate/House.


Before a regular Legislative session begins, legislators meet in committees to discuss legislation they want to pursue in the upcoming session.  Since the Republicans are in the majority in Tallahassee, they play a large role in committee assignments and the legislation that is discussed in committee and which gets to the floor.  These meetings take place over a 6-week period prior to the start of the Legislative session (two-weeks in each of 3 months prior to beginning of session).

It is important that we Democrats contact our legislators about legislation we oppose or support.  Doing so prior to the session actually starting is key.  They need our input.  See Contact Your Elected Officials for more info.


Know Your Legislators' Schedule
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