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The DNC, FDP, and DEC:  These organizations are the cornerstone of the Democratic Party.

  • DNC is the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which is the national party organization.  Jaime Harrison is Chair, elected January 2021.   See National Democratic Party website for details of its organization. 

  • FDP is the Florida Democratic Party, one of the state party organizations.  Nikki Fried is Chair, elected February 2023.  See Florida Democrats website for details on its organization.

  • DEC is the Democratic Executive Committee, which is the county party organization.  Each county of a state may have its own DEC.  Hank Bonner is our Chair, elected December 2022.

The DNC, FDP, and DEC act together to support and elect Democratic candidates.  We reach for that goal together by honoring the Democratic Party ideals of social, racial, economic, environmental, and political justice.

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DEC Responsibilities 

As the official arm of the Florida Democratic Party,  Martin County DEC has the goal of building a strong Democratic base of voters upon which every Democratic Party candidate can stand.    DEC is involved in the following work:

  • Oversees the daily operation of the Democratic Party in Martin County, organizing volunteers to accomplish much of this work

  • Promotes programs to increase voter registration, the use of mail-in ballots, and GOTV (Get Out the Vote)

  • Provides training and facilities for phone banking and canvassing for candidates

  • Raises funds for Democratic Party efforts in the county

  • Recruits Democratic candidates for local office and provides guidance and financial support

  • Participates in community events to showcase our party to fellow Martin residents

  • Supports the work of our caucuses and clubs

  • Sponsors the Martin County Democrats website and Facebook page; sends out newsletter highlighting party happenings

  • Hosts monthly meeting of the DEC 

  • Works with other Florida DEC groups and the FDP to coordinate and strategize for Democratic victories

DEC Membership

The DEC is made up of Martin Democrats just like you – people who care deeply about our county, state, and country; people who believe that Democratic values should be used to guide our policy makers and government; people who want to be part of the solution and are willing to volunteer their time and energy for this pursuit. 


DEC members generally come from the following three groups:

  1. Precinct Members – Each Martin County precinct may have a committeeman and committeewoman elected as DEC members. If a precinct has more than 1000 registered Democrats, it is entitled to an additional precinct committeeman and committeewoman.   Each serves a term of 4 years.  (Note:  There are 28 precincts in Martin County.)

  2. Automatic Members – Elected officials who are Martin Democrats and presidents of Democratic clubs and caucuses are included as DEC members.  They remain members for the length of their term in office.

  3. Appointed Members – DEC chair may appoint Martin Democrats to the DEC, subject to DEC membership approval. These are annual positions.

See Bylaws for more details about membership.


DEC Meetings

The DEC meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m., currently via Zoom.  

Please note that monthly DEC meetings are open to all members of the Democratic Party.  You do not have to be a DEC member to attend. 

If you are a Democrat registered in Martin County and woul
d like to attend a meeting as a guest, please contact DEC Chair Hank Bonner in advance.

Phone number:   772-221-0405
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DEC Leadership Team
Pic from Lori at NAACP.jpg

Hank Bonner

DEC Chair


Dayna Straehley
DEC Vice Chair

Florence headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Florence Treakle

DEC Secretary

Barbara 2.jpg

Barbara Buckles

DEC Treasurer

new lori pic.jpg

Lori Fritsch

State Committeewoman

DEC Dave.jpg

Dave Dew

State Committeeman

Martin County Democrats Newsletter Archives:  Click here
Martin County DEC Bylaws (adopted 04-17-2023):  Click here

Florida Democratic Party website (FDP):  Click here
National Democratic Party Website (DNC):  Click here

Democratic Party Platform:  What We Believe
   For background info and highlights of platform, click here    
   For the entire 92-page platform, click here 
DEC Leadership Team
DEC Bylaws
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