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Estamos acqui!   We are the Treasure Coast chapter of the Democratic Hispanic Caucus. We are a new, and growing, group dedicated to helping our community, amplifying the voice of our sisters and brothers, and building a better Florida for everyone.

We are Democrats. We believe in opportunity for working families, a cleaner environment for our kids and grandkids, and a government that works for people of ALL backgrounds. And we believe we aren’t getting that on the Treasure Coast or in Florida overall.

And we STRONGLY believe we can change things.  We’re getting to work. Already we’ve been in the community helping our neighbors get COVID vaccinations. We’ll continue to build change: helping more families, registering voters, and making sure all our voices are heard.

Join us!   You don’t have to be Hispanic or speak Spanish to be a member. You have to be a Treasure Coast resident and a Democrat (or someone who supports the better world we Dems are fighting for).

We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. 


Email us at tcdemocratas@gmail.com for details or call 772-202-8540.


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Juntos podemos!

-- Oz Vazquez

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