The Martin County Democratic Environmental Caucus is a local chapter of the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF).  The caucus meets at 6:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of each month, currently via Zoom. 


Meetings consist of general discussion about environmental issues in the news and how we might respond.  More specifically, among other concerns, we address city of Stuart matters, activity of Martin County Board of County Commissioners, and work of the state legislature and beyond. 

Most meetings include a guest speaker to enlighten us about a particular environmental topic or to hear directly from a local Democratic official or candidate running for office. 


We welcome all Democrats to be a part of our caucus as we learn, speak up for and work to defend our environment.   To get involved in our group, fill out the Contact Form indicating your interest in MC Dem Env Caucus and someone will get back with you.

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Mission Statements

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MC Democratic Environmental Caucus

Martin County Democratic Environmental Caucus intends to:

  • Identify and prioritize environmental concerns that affect our local municipalities, county, state, country, and world.

  • Contemplate solutions to those concerns and recommend courses of action

  • Educate, collaborate with and endorse Democratic candidates who embrace our agenda

  • Educate the public and generate support for our goals

  • Coordinate with other environmental groups within our legislative districts:  Senate district 25 and House districts 82 and 83

As a chapter of the Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF) we in MC Dem Env Caucus also support DECF’s goals.

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Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida

The Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF) strives to support Florida lawmakers, candidates, legislation and businesses that preserve, protect and enhance Florida’s natural resources. The DECF concerns may include but are not limited to Florida’s air quality, shorelines and coasts, aquifers, waterways, wetlands, wildlife, remaining natural areas and publicly owned wild lands and parks.

DECF intends to:

  • Help elect Democratic candidates who endorse suitable action on critical environmental issues.

  • Provide party members and the general public credible data relating to environmentally sensitive issues as informed opinion, legislative alerts and technical/science expertise.

  • Monitor local and state legislation and policy that affect Florida’s environment, and alert legislators and the public.

  • Encourage responsible environmental stewardship as part of Florida Democratic Party policy.


Top Environmental Issues

With Florida’s increasing population and with our local and state governments sometimes choosing growth and development and corporate interests over protecting our environment, the issues we face are endless.   Here is a sampling of the concerns we address in our caucus:

  • Lake Okeechobee discharges

  • Everglades restoration, including Storm Water Treatment Areas (STAs), the EAA reservoir, CERP completion

  • Pollutants entering our waterways -- fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides with glyphosate, agricultural waste, biosolids, nonpoint source pollution

  • Environmental threats due to city and county development as well as local and state legislation

  • Wildlife habitat degradation, including dwindling sea grasses for manatees and the accumulation of muck in our waterways, which reduces oyster bed production and water quality

  • Climate change and rising sea level

  • Oil drilling, fracking, and deep-water injection wells

  • Transportation of hazardous materials (pipelines, high-speed rail transport of LNG and other hazardous materials)

Environmental Resources

There are many groups locally, statewide, and nationally that focus on environmental issues.  To view a list of some of the groups we learn from and work in concert with while advocating for the environment, go here.
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Minutes, Bylaws, and Donations

March 2021 Special Election Meeting
February 2021 - No meeting held
January 2021 - No meeting held
December 2020 - No meeting held
November 2020
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September 2020
August 2020 - No meeting held
July 2020 
Current Bylaws of MC Dem Env Caucus...coming soon
Previous Bylaws of MC Dem Env Caucus
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