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Do Your Research.  Learn what the Executive Branch is doing, what federal and state legislatures are doing, and what is happening at the county and municipal levels.  Consult official government websites as well as various non-governmental websites to to help you know the issues, the perspectives, and the way to think and respond to influence lawmakers and to hold them accountable.


For the Executive Branch, go to

For US Senate and House, go to and Get information on bills being proposed, committees, daily activity, list of legislators, and other information.

For Florida Senate and House, go to and to see what they are working on, what committees have been formed and who is on them, what bills are being considered, and get a list of all legislators.

For Martin County Board of County Commissioners, go here:  Pay attention to upcoming meetings and the issues being discussed.  Write or call commissioners to voice your views.  Attend meetings in person or via Zoom and speak up if they allow it.

For City of Stuart news, go to

OTHER WEBSITES:  In addition to the official government websites above, there are numerous websites devoted to helping you understand bills, give you a perspective on current political issues, allow for feedback, etc.

CAUSES   (formerly Countable)   Here you can see how your federal officials voted.  You can also get a synopsis of selected bills and see what others think about the bill.  Sign up for emails which help you stay up to date on the issues you're especially interested in and how your lawmakers voted.  Links on website also allow you to call, send email, and make video messages that are sent to your lawmakers.

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