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Call to Action on 2024 Bills

​What should you do?  TAKE ACTION......DON'T JUST SIT AND FUME.  We should all be aware of what legislation is pending and provide input:

  • Contact your local representatives and let them know whether you support or disapprove of pending bills and urge them to vote accordingly

  • Contact the bill's sponsor and let them know you support or disapprove of their bill and why. 

  • Contact members of the committee where the bill lies and urge them to approve or not approve the bill

  • Write a Letter to the Editor letting the public know about some of the good or troubling bills.  Let your family and friends know about bills that are especially troublesome and encourage them to contact legislators and write letters to the editor.   

  • Spread the word on social media about the harmful bills being considered (or conversely, loudly support bills that you feel address issues appropriately).


The bottom line:   The more legislators hear from the public, the better.  It's the way democracy works.

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