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Overview of 2023 Bills

Did you know that more than 3700 bills were filed for the 2022 Florida legislative session?  With those kind of numbers, it's overwheming to keep track of it all.   This section of your website is meant to help you with that.  We have selectively divided up the bills into two categories:  General Bills and Environmental Bills.  Under each category, we have included the most noteworthy bills.   (Yes....this is subjective....Email your webmaster at to give your input on bills that should be listed if you don't see them here.)

General Bills include such topics as Abortion, Equality, Healthcare, Education, Gun Control, Criminal Justice, etc.

Environmental Bills link to the 1000 Friends of Florida website and the Friends of the Everglades website.  Both of these list and discuss environment-related bills that are being considered..

  • For General Bills listed, each bill shows the bill sponsor:  If the name is in red font, then they're Republican.  If blue, then the sponsor is a Democrat.

  • The bill sponsors are linked to their official website where you can find contact information for calling or writing them.  Clicking on the official's name should take you to their page.

  • Bill titles are linked to the official Florida government site, where you can get more details about the bill and see where the bill sits.   (Note:  Some bills never go anywhere, some sit in committees and stay there, and eventually some bills move from committees out to the floor for voting.....Before you contact legislators or write LTEs, be sure to check the bill's status.)    Googling the bill (such as "HB1 Florida 2023") to see the latest info on the bill or another explanation of the bill is always a good idea too.

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