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Call to Action on 2022 Bills

​What should you do?  TAKE ACTION......We should all be aware of what legislation is pending and provide input:

  • Contact your local representatives and let them know whether you support or disapprove of pending bills and urge them to vote accordingly

  • Contact the bill's sponsor and let them know you support or disapprove of their bill and why. 

  • Contact members of the committee where the bill lies and urge them to approve or not approve the bill

  • Write a Letter to the Editor letting the public know about some of the good or troubling bills.


The bottom line:   The more legislators hear from the public, the better.  It's the way democracy works.

Before listing them all, there are 2 bills sponsored by 2 of our local representatives that deserve special attention.  Many may find them troubling and will want to contact Snyder and/or Overton regarding these bills:

A bill sponsored by Representative Snyder:

HB 747 (Snyder and Altman) and SB 1820 (Baxley) – Protections of Medical Conscience

Some have called it the “Health Care Refusal Bill” or “No Service to Gays” bill.  It allows healthcare providers and insurers to deny a patient any sort of care on the basis of religious, moral, or ethical beliefs.   Also allows for employment discrimination in healthcare for the same reasons.  Many feel this bill would codify discrimination against LGBTQ, non-Christians, etc.

A bill sponsored by Representative Overdorf:

SB 198 (Rodriguez) and HB 349 (Sirios and Overdorf) – Seagrass Mitigation Banks

Authorizes the state Board of Trustees to create “seagrass mitigation banks” on state-owned submerged lands which would be used to offset the unavoidable loss of seagrass from coastal development projects.  In essence, if developers seek permits for coastal or marine development projects that would destroy seagrasses, this bill would give them the option of buying credits in a mitigation bank to cover costs of seagrass restoration projects elsewhere.  Those opposed to the bill say mitigation banks like this often fail and they believe having such a system would enhance development elsewhere.  In other words, it gives a pass to developers so they continue to use land for their own purposes with very little consequences.   This bill does not address the real issues facing manatees and the loss of seagrass.  It's a ruse.

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