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MARTIN COUNTY DEMOCRATS!  The primary election is coming up soon on August 20th. 


Click here to see a sample ballot tailored just for you and your location.

Click here to see important dates to keep in mind.

Click here to see a breakdown of the Primary races and who is eligible to vote for each race.


Be sure to vote for your choice for Democratic Party candidate for the Senate and your choice for Martin County School Board, District 2.  ALL registered Democrats can vote for the Senate race, and all registered voters living in Martin County (regardless of Party affiliation) can vote for the school board race.   

To vote for Stuart City Commissioner, you have to be a registered voter living within the City of Stuart.

To vote for Martin County Commissioner, all registered voters can vote for their candidate for Districts 3 and 5.   Since there is a write-in candidate, only registered Republicans can vote for their choice for District 1.


Come to lunch on the 16th and meet Lisa Marie Stortstom, the Democratic candidate who wants to beat Toby Overdorf and be our next Florida House member!

Reserve your seat at the table today by purchasing a ticket here.  You can also pay by check.  Send a check made out to Martin County DEC and mail to PO Box 1497, Stuart, FL 34995.  Either way, please email Barbara here so she can keep an accurate count on the number of guests so we know how much food to order.  Let's give Lisa Stortsom a big Martin County welcome!


To save our democracy, vote DEMOCRAT up and down the ballot!

Door to Door

Come to the Martin Dem office every Saturday at 4:00pm to go canvassing with the Witkop for Congress campaign.  You'll have fun teaming up with others as you talk to area voters and urge them to vote. Many who are canvassing often end up going out to dinner together afterwards.   So come join us and help get Thomas elected for CD 21 House of Representatives.   See office location info below.

Office door_edited.jpg
  • The Martin County Democratic Party Headquarters is open M-F, 11-3 and Saturdays 11-1.

  • Located in Northgate Plaza at 611 SW Federal Hwy, Suite K1.  Turn off Hwy 1onto SW McPherson St and park in the parking lot at the back of the building.

  • Stop by to say hi, volunteer, ask questions, pick up campaign literature.  Let's save our democracy and freedoms by getting Democrats elected to office!

  • The Supreme Court's ruling on presidential immunity is unprecedented and dangerous.

  • The conservative justices - three of whom were selected by Donald Trump - removed one of the last remaining checks as Trump pursues his path to a dictatorship.    Does it make you think of Project 2025?   Absolutely!

  • The conservative justices have made it even easier for Trump to do exactly what he is saying he wants to do:

    • Rule as a dictator on “day one”

    • “Termination” of the Constitution

    • Replace civil servants with Trump loyalists 

    • Weaponize the government against its own citizens and his political enemies 

  • The stakes were high before today, and they are even higher now. Our very democracy is on the line. 

  • The American people deserve a president who fights for them, not a "king above the law."

  • We can stop Donald Trump’s self-obsessed quest for power once and for all at the ballot box – by reelecting Joe Biden and Kamala Harris this November.

FDP Yes on 4 Graphic.png
Abortion Rights Pt. 2 Graphic.png
Trump Roe v. Wade #1 Graphic.png
  • The decision from the Florida Supreme Court on Monday, April 1st,  triggers a near-total ban which will impact the entire southeastern United States — and it’s all because of Donald Trump. 

    • Women from Texas to Georgia will soon no longer have the option to travel to Florida to access the reproductive health care they need. 

  • This decision puts women’s lives at risk, threatens doctors with prosecution and jail time, and means that many women will have no way to get the care they need without traveling hundreds or thousands of miles. 

  • It is only possible because Donald Trump overturned Roe v. Wade and unleashed this chaos and cruelty across the country — a fact that he proudly brags about. 

  • Trump and his allies are ripping away access to reproductive health care across the country, inserting themselves into the most personal decisions women can make, even including contraception and IVF. 

  • And if Trump returns to the White House, things will only get worse:

  • With reproductive freedom on the ballot in November, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the only candidates who stand up for women’s rights to make their own health care decisions.

Do you know what the Biden administation has accomplished?

Biden Harris cake_edited.jpg
Biden overall accomplishments.png

Do you know how these acts and plans benefit the average citizen?  We need to get out the message about what Biden has done!

Biden 2024.jpg

Until November 2024 Election

American Flag

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  • Make a difference?  Be a part of the solution?

For these and many other reasons, please get in touch!

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