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Democrats and Politics:

Democratic National Party 

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Florida State Democratic Party 

Martin County Voter Activation Network 

Democratic Women's Club of Florida 

Woman's National Democratic Club 

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 

Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus 

Young Democrats of America 

Florida Young Democrats 

Florida College Democrats 

Democratic Professionals Council 

Democratic Veterans’ Caucus of Florida 

Saint Lucie County Democrats 

Indian River County Democrats 

Palm Beach County Democrats 

Okeechobee Democratic Party 

Small County Coalition 

Emily's List 

"Fort Report" A Daily Political News Service Covering the Sunshine State 

Interactive President Electoral Election Map 

Interactive Senate Election Map 


United States Government Website 

Guide to the Three Branches of Government

A Kid's Guide to the U. S. Government

Office of the President Track the Recovery Act's Progress 

Elected Officials and Government Agencies email addresses 

State of Florida 

Martin County 

County Commission Agenda Public Meetings Search 

Martin County Supervisor of Elections 

Martin County Vote By Mail Ballot Request Form 

City of Stuart 

Florida Division of Elections 

Martin / St. Lucie Regional Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) 

United States Zip Codes 

United States Area Codes 


Florida Hometown Democracy 

Everglades Coalition 

Friends of Florida 

Health Care in Martin County 

Facts on Health Care Advance Directives 

Human Rights Campaign 

Rivers Coalition 

Corp of Engineers Lake Okeechobee Information 

Martin and St. Lucie County Metropolitan Planning (Traffic) Organization 

Florida Hometown Democracy Amendment 

Look up how your Representatives have voted: How US Congress Votes Database

Look up how your Representatives have voted on the Issues: Project VoteSmart

Climate and Conservation: Energy efficient products and practices. Website for An Inconvenient Truth 

Rocky Mountain Institute Ideas on global warming and what we can do. 

Martin County Conservation Alliance 



The Constitution of the United States 

The Bill Of Rights and Amendments to the Constitution 

Learning the Law: Studying the Bill of Rights

Library of Congress Legislative Information and Research 

Freedom of Information Request 

Open Secrets, Money in Politics (Follow the Money) 

Debunking Rumors 


Newspapers From Around the World 

World Health Organization 

How US Congress Votes Database 

Project VoteSmart