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Stand Up!  Speak Out!  Be Heard!

Want to speak up for your beliefs?  Influence your lawmakers?  Sway public opinion?   Help get Democrats elected into office?
Click on the topics below to learn valuable information so you're better informed and can more effectively make a difference through your political advocacy.


  • ELECTIONS:  Know when the next election is taking place and who is running.  Give early support to your candidate(s) - both your time and your money, if possible.

  • FLORIDA LEGISLATIVE SESSION:  Do you know when Florida legislators are in session and voting on bills?

  • RESEARCH:  Know the issues.  Keep up with Florida politics.  Know what bills are being discussed in Congress and Florida's legislature.  Know what BOCC and local municipalities are considering.

  • TRACK:  Follow Congress and State legislatures.  See how lawmakers vote on issues.

  • TAKE ACTION USING APPS:  Use apps to more easily write or call lawmakers.  

  • CHECK FACTS:  Use social media and the internet  wisely.  Check the facts.  Check media bias.   Know the talking points used by your opponents.

  • WRITE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR:  Write a LTE to the Stuart News/TC Palm

Until Next Midterm Election

Election dates:  Know when midterms take place and who is running.  A good source is the Martin County Supv of Elections website.  Click here for re-election date info:


City of Stuart Commissioners Troy McDonald and Becky Bruner are up for re-election

Midterms 2022: 

Gov DeSantis, Sen Rubio, and Rep Mast are up for re-election

BOCC Stacey Hetherington and Sarah Heard are up for re-election

Some School Board, County Judges, and City Commissioners are also up for re-election 

General Election 2024

Sen. Scott is up for re-election as well as President Biden


Florida State Legislature meets in the spring of each year.  Sessions normally last 60 days. 


Before the session begins, legislators meet in committees to discuss legislation they want to pursue in the upcoming session.  Since the Republicans are in the majority in Tallahassee, they play a large role in committee assignments and the legislation that is discussed in committee and gets to the floor.

It is important that we Democrats contact our legislators about legislation we oppose or support.  Doing so prior to the session actually starting is key.  They need our input.  See "Do Your Research" on how to research upcoming bills.

The 2021 schedule is as follows:

Feb 8 - 12:  Committee Meetings

Feb 15 - 19:  Committee Meetings

March 2:  Session Convenes

April 30:  Session Concludes

Do Your Research.  Learn what the Executive Branch is doing, what federal and state legislatures are doing, and what is happening at the county and municipal levels.  Consult official government websites as well as various non-governmental websites to to help you know the issues, the perspectives, and the way to think and respond to influence lawmakers and to hold them accountable.


For the Executive Branch, go to

For US Senate and House, go to and Get information on bills being proposed, committees, daily activity, list of legislators, and other information.

For Florida Senate and House, go to and to see what they are working on, what committees have been formed and who is on them, what bills are being considered, and get a list of all legislators.

You can look up both Florida Senate and House bills here:

For daily updates on Florida Senate bills:

For daily updates on Florida House bills:

For Martin County Board of County Commissioners, go here:  Pay attention to upcoming meetings and the issues being discussed.  Write or call commissioners to voice your views.  Attend meetings in person or via Zoom and speak up if they allow it.

For City of Stuart news, go to

OTHER WEBSITES:  In addition to the official government websites above, there are numerous websites devoted to helping you understand bills, give you a perspective on current political issues, allow for feedback, etc.

CAUSES   (formerly Countable)   Here you can see how your federal officials voted.  You can also get a synopsis of selected bills and see what others think about the bill.  Sign up for emails which help you stay up to date on the issues you're especially interested in and how your lawmakers voted.  Links on website also allow you to call, send email, and make video messages that are sent to your lawmakers.

FLORIDA PHOENIX     Subscribe to daily newsletter 

FLORIDA POLITICS    Subscribe to daily email

SAYFIE REVIEW  Subscribe to daily email

BALLOTPEDIA  Nonprofit, nonpartisan.  Subscribe to daily news email.

TRACK how legislators voted.  Hold your lawmakers accountable for their vote.

For US Congress, go to   You can also go to and :

Go to  Here you can see how your federal officials voted.  Sign up for automatic emails whenever your senator or house member votes.

For federal and state lawmakers, go to   Create account and then view how lawmakers voted.

Also for Florida, you can go to and set up an account to get access to tracking information.

For Martin County commissioners, go to the BOCC site and look under Minutes to find out how commissioners voted.

For City commissioners, go to the City of Stuart website and look under Minutes to see how commissioners voted.

Use Apps and Social Media to Quickly Contact Lawmakers.

RESISTBOT allows you to use your smart phone to turn your text into an email and deliver it to your officials.  Can also send fax or postal letter.  See


5CALLS let you pick your issue, call your rep, and record your result.  See

CAUSES is a site where you can learn about bills going through Congress, see what others think, and then act by telling lawmakers how you feel with email and video messages.  See

FACEBOOK  groups like IndivisibleMartin and The Safety Pin Alliance help to inform you and often recommend specific actions to take.  

Check out Rumors.  Know the facts about politics.    Check media bias.

POLITIFACT provides fact checking of US politics.

POLITIFACT FLORIDA focuses on issues related to Florida.

FACTCHECK says it is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that points out deception and inaccuracies in US politics. is a project of he Annenberg Public Policy Center at the Univ of Pennsylvania.

SNOPES lets you check the latest rumors, pictures, memes, fake news stories.  Snopes has its own fact-checking operation and does its own investigations to bring you evidence-based and contextualized analysis.

Media Bias/Fact Check provides comprehensive media bias resource.  Identifies whether media is left, center, or right biased. Over 2600 media sources listed.  Use Search feature to check out specific sources.

Sourcewatch tracks corporations and their PR spin.  This is a publication from the Center for Media and Democracy.

Write a Letter to the Editor of Stuart News/TC Palm.  

Go to:   

Treasure Coast Newspapers publishes letters to the editor from area residents on a daily basis. Letters submitted should be:
1) Less than 300 words. 
2) Must include full name, street address, city, daytime telephone number and email address of the writer for verification purposes.
3) Must be to the editor, not addressing someone else or a copy of a letter sent to someone else.
4) Must address public issues and should not sound like commercial pitches.
5) Must be an original letter written by the submitter.

Letters from writers outside the TC Palm circulation area are not published.

If your letter is not published in a timely manner, you can contact  Anthony Westbury: