Jane Lawton Baldridge

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Jane grew up sailing on the coast of Texas. She studied art California Institute of Art (Valencia, CA) and then continued on to the Alfred G. Glassel Museum School (Houston, TX).



Her artwork has been exhibited in numerous solo and juried exhibitions including locations such as Times Square, The Musée du Louvre, Lincoln Center, Museum of Computer Art, Mint Museum, Cameron Museum of Art, Fayetteville Museum of Art, World Festival of Art on Paper (Slovenia) and has her 911 tribute, “We the People,” in the Library of Congress. She has won competitions at both local and international levels.


New work:

Her newest works are represented in the Reflection, Erosion and Alchemy series. Although she has painted moving water for decades using various media, these current paintings are the closest she has come to eliciting the paint to tell her story.


Primarily a painter, Jane also likes to use a varied mixture of pencil, charcoal, acrylics, latex, glazes, inks, watercolor and digital. "I have built my process and materials on what I have learned and explored over the decades." She now mixes all of that experience into rich visual stories about things she is passionate about.


She is a licensed boat captain and lived on a boat with her husband and their dog. They have settled in Stuart where she now has a beautiful studio. She has an obsession for water and watches how it moves and how it sculpts shorelines.


“I am passionate about the planet, especially the ocean, rivers and bays. I have a profound respect for the power of water and wind.”