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The Democratic Party has demonstrated...that [it] is a party of progress and of change, that it is the party dedicated to serve the needs of our people and to keep America forever abreast of a forever changing world.​
- John F. Kennedy
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What is the 2020 Democratic Platform?

Before each general election, political parties adopt a party platform, which is a document that outlines what the party stands for.  For Democrats, it endorses policies the party wants to see put in place and it embraces the values most Democrats hold dear.  The policies mentioned are not binding on any politician, but lawmakers usually vote in line with platform policies.   It is a symbolic statement of who we are as Democrats.

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Who wrote the 2020 Democratic Platform?

For the 2020 writing of the platform, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) appointed 15 party members to be on the Platform Drafting Committee.  It was comprised of both moderate and progressive Democrats, representing both Biden's and Sanders' wings of the party.   During the Democratic convention in August 2020, delegates to the convention voted to approve the 92-page platform document that had been put together by this committee.

Pandemic Response
  • Provide more Covid-19 testing

  • Increase funding to state and local health departments

  • Increase Medicaid funding

  • Provide free vaccines for all

  • Pass $15 minimum wage bill to be fully effective by 2026

  • Support right to unionize. Pass the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act.

  • Increase the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit

  • Implement paid sick days and substantive family and medical leave systems

  • Increase affordable housing

  • Keep Social Security strong and work against efforts to privatize it

  • Invest in transportation infrastructure projects, which will add good paying jobs for all

Health Care
  • Add public option to the Affordable Care Act as a way towards universal health care

  • Empower Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices

  • Expand Medicare to include dental, vision, and hearing

  • Improve health care costs by expanding access to mental health and substance abuse treatment

Criminal Justice Reform
  • Change federal sentencing guidelines and drug laws

  • More specifically, decriminalize marijuana use and let states decide whether to fully legalize it

  • Implement reforms within our police deparments, including establishing "no-knock warrants," banning chokeholds, and increasing use of body cameras.

Healing the Soul of America
  • Protect civil rights

  • Advance LGBTQ+ rights

  • Protect women’s rights and the rights of those with disabilities

  • Promote racial justice and equity

  • Honor indigenous tribal nations

  • Address gun violence through lax laws

Combating the Climate Crisis
  • Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement

  • Achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions ASAP and no later than 2050

  • Eliminate carbon pollution from power plants by 2035

  • Follow science in addressing climate change

  • Protect wildlife habitats and biodiversity; fund the Land & Water Conservation Fund

Restoring and Strengthening Our Democracy
  • Guarantee every American's vote is protected by restoring and strengthening the Voting Rights Act

  • Make voting easier and more accessible by supporting automatic voter registration, same-day voter registration, early voting, and universal voting-by-mail

  • Make Election Day a national holiday

  • Enact new legislation to prohibit gerrymandering

  • Address campaign finance system, eliminate private financing from federal elections, and bring an end to "dark money"

  • Make Washington, DC a state and give Puerto Rico a process for deciding whether to become a state

  • Support US Postal Service throughout the country, even rural areas, and fight efforts to privatize it

Creating a 21st Century Immigration System
  • Rescind many of the policies undertaken during the previous administration

  • Develop a road to citizenship for the undocumented who are in our country

  • Reinstate and expand protections for Dreamers

  • Keep families together

  • Provide asylum to those suffering from gang and domestic violence and as well as LGBTQ+ who are unsafe in their home countries

  • End for-profit detention centers

  • Work with immigrant countries through well-designed assistance programs to address  poverty, abuse, violence, and lack of opportunities -- all of which contribute to immigrants' desire to migrate to the US

Providing a World-Class Education in Every Zip Code
  • Increase funding and support for public education, including guaranteeing universal early childhood education

  • Ban for-profit private charter schools from receiving federal funding

  • Provide $10,000 student debt relief during pandemic crisis

Renewing American Leadership
  • Bring “our forever wars to a responsible end”

  • Use diplomacy as our tool of first resort

  • Repair alliances with world powers

  • Improve VA facilities.  Do not privatize them.

  • Work with world partners on fighting climate change

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Where can I read the entire 92-page 2020 Platform?


Click on the PDF icon:


What are the sections & highlights of the 2020 Platform?


Note:  At 92 pages, the platform discusses many ideas within its 10 sections.  The information below is meant to provide examples of what is covered in the platform.  To access the entire platform, see the link at the bottom of this page.

Also worth noting:  What did not make it into the platform?  Several progressive topics frequently mentioned in the media and supported by many Democrats did not make it into the platform:  Medicare-for-all, defunding police or abolishing ICE, bans on fracking, the Green New Deal, legalizing recreational marijuana use nationwide, and free public college for all.   However, many observers note that the 2020 platform is more progressive than past platforms.