What are the Clubs & Caucus?

A Caucus 

The Florida Democratic Party believes that all people have the right to be heard and to participate in the system. The FDP has developed statewide Caucuses where people of like minds and beliefs can join together to organize their communities within the Democratic Party. A caucus is an organization that has chartered with the State Democratic Party to operate as an official branch, and to recruit and operate county-level organizations. Caucuses are different from clubs because clubs are governed by local county DECs and do not have statewide relationships.

Florida Democratic Black Caucus

The Democratic Black Caucus was established in 1983, to unite and increase the political power for Black Democrats who went unnoticed. The Caucus is an integral part of the Florida Democratic Party's infrastructure, which unites talent with opportunity to facilitate voter building through educational forums effecting voter registration drives (EVRD), get out the vote (GOTV), voter action network (VAN), vote by mail (VBM), and support qualified candidates approved by the Black Caucus.

Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida

The Democratic Hispanic Caucus of Florida’s mission is to stimulate a participating interest in public affairs that will foster better and more representative government for Hispanics; increase the political power and influence of Hispanics Democrats within the Florida Democratic Party; unite the Hispanic Democrats in the State of Florida.

Democratic Women’s Club of Florida

While DWCF is not a chartered caucus under FDP, DWCF is recognized as the women's "caucus" of the Florida Democratic Party because of DWCF's  full membership in the National Federation of Democratic Women since the early 1980's. NFDW has three seats on the Democratic National Committee. The DWCF was formed to bring together all Democratic Women’s Clubs in Florida to provide a forum for discussion of public matters, to provide organized support to qualified candidates for public office, and to encourage qualified Democratic women to seek elected office. The DWCF Campaign Resource Committee provides access to information vital to those seeking office. The DWCF Political Committee helps fund candidates endorsed by DWCF, Inc. The DWCF Legislative Committee serves as the hub of activities during the Legislative Session as members monitor and lobby for or against legislation that has a dramatic impact on the lives of Floridians.

Democratic Environmental Caucus of Florida (DECF)

DECF supports Florida lawmakers, candidates, legislation and businesses that preserve, protect and enhance Florida’s natural resources.  The Caucus will help elect to public office environmentally literate Democratic candidates who endorse suitable action on environmentally critical issues. Visit their website at http://environmentalcaucus.com/, send them an email at environmentalcaucusfl@gmail.com, connect with them on Twitter @DECFL and join them on Facebook here.