Maria Gullberg-McCadden

"White Caladiums- An Illuminated Path"

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Born and raised in Pennsylvania, artist Maria Gullberg-McCadden has been drawing, painting, and creating since she was old enough to hold a crayon.  Her creativity was nurtured by her parents and teachers, especially during her high school and college years.


Attending Catholic schools, Maria often received Art Awards throughout her early education, and she credits her high school art teacher, Richard Ressel, with instilling in her a deeper appreciation for the arts.  While attending Moore College of Art from 1981-83, Maria was exposed to the exciting and vibrant Philadelphia art scene.  Working as an assistant at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s library helped to ignite her passion for education and art history.  With a shift in career focus, Maria transferred to Millersville University to study Art History and Studio Art where she earned her BA in Art.


In 1993 Maria moved to Port St. Lucie with her two small children and started teaching art at St. Anastasia School in Ft. Pierce.  After 22 years of teaching at St. A’s, she followed her heart’s passion for helping people on the margins and traveled to New Mexico to serve as a missionary teacher at St. Francis school which serves the Jicarilla Apache Nation and the community of Lumberton, NM.


Now back in Florida, after nearly 25 years of teaching art, Maria dedicates her studio practice to painting and teaching online. Her many experiences and interests uniquely inform her mission, which is to remind people, through her landscape and nature paintings, of the joy and wonder that is abundantly present in all of creation.