Georgia Abood

"Chance Encounter"

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Georgia Abood is the owner, a teacher, and artist at Alizarin Crimson Studio in Stuart.

An exceptionally versatile artist, Georgia explores all traditional oil painting techniques, not only in her own work but also with her students, helping to find the painting techniques that work best for them.

Art has always been part of Georgia's life. Her mother, also an artist, was quick to supply any materials to satisfy Georgia's creative mind. Her talents blossomed in high school where she majored in Fine Art. She completed her studies at the California College of the Arts. In 1984 she opened Alizarin Crimson Art Studio in Stuart, FL. Teaching painting to aspiring artists is her great passion. Many of her students have won awards and gone on to successful careers in Art.

"Great teachers are masters of their subject matter, and Georgia is an extraordinarily skilled and talented instructor. In addition to her enthusiasm and deep knowledge of art and painting, she uncovers the hidden talent in all her students." - Martha Whittemore