Anita Prentice

"Lipstick Hibiscus"

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Anita Prentice, website:

"It all started with a fish mount in a dumpster..."

There aren't a lot of people who could look at an old taxidermic fish in a dumpster and envision a beautiful second life, but that is exactly what Anita did. She took bits of colorful glass and adorned the fish into a beautiful work of art. From there the sky was the limit, from 150+ benches throughout the treasure coast, to adorned grave markers, to hundreds of gorgeous framed pieces. As Anita would say "Like Diego, Pablo and Salvador, I fully intend to paint the town."

While Anita can create a variety of art mediums, she is best known for her painted mosaics. Her creations encompass real life subjects, abstracts, to the plain fun and funky. Anita prepares her glass like a pallet, using each piece of carefully crafted stained glass like a drop of paint, giving the viewer the impression that Anita truly is creating the antiquities of tomorrow