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Who is Paul Ryan?
Who is Allen West?
Republican Voter Repression
Thinking - It started out innocently enough


Rick Scott In His Own Words
03/02/2014 — The Powell Memo: A Call-to-Arms for Corporations
01/01/2014 — Patrick Murphy: First Year In Office
11/21/2013 — The Biggest Insurance Scam in History
11/21/2013 — Rick Scott: Trials And Tribulations At Columbia/HCA
11/21/2013 — Rick Scott Conflict of Interest

11/21/2013 — Rick Scott: Government raids at HCA
10/14/2013 — How Racism Caused The Shutdown
07/03/2013 — How Low Can the Republican Party Go?
11/02/2012 — Mitt Romney's Campaign Insults Voters
10/29/2012 — Mitt Romney Paid No Taxes for 15 Years
10/17/2012 — Romney's False Claims of Bipartisanship in Massachusetts
10/04/2012 — Mitt Romney's Biggest Debate Whoppers
10/04/2012 — Romney Tax Plan Needs Growth to Add Up: Reality Check
09/28/2012 — Ann Romney Says She Fears For Mitt's 'Mental Well — Being'
09/24/2012 — Mitt Romney and the Myth of Self-created Millionaires
09/03/2012 — Jonathan Kendall Convention Reports
09/01/2012 — Maureen Dowd: Cruel Conservatives Throw a Masquerade Ball
08/30/2012 — Romney's Mormonism
08/27/2012 — David Brooks: The Real Romney
08/13/2012 — Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital
07/07/2012 — Who is Ayn Rand?
06/28/2012 — Affordable Health Care Act Declared Constitutional
06/04/2012 — Jonathan Kendall Elected Delegate to Democratic National Convention
05/13/2012 — Romney's Dark Incident
04/27/2012 — Washingtonpost Editorial: The Republicans are the problem
04/17/2012 — 102 Things NOT To Do If You Hate Taxes
04/14/2012 — An Open Letter to the Obama Haters

03/13/2012 — Don't Tread on Us Women — Dowd
03/13/2012 — Republican Attacks on Women’s Rights
Republican Voter Repression
02/18/2012 — Connie Mack has past of debt and liens
02/19/2012 — Santorum's Political And Biblical Mistake
02/17/2012 — Déjà vu 2002 in Florida Redistricting Lawsuit
01/16/2012 — Resolution In support of a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United
01/07/2012 — GOP Candidates: Where They Stand On The Issues
10/17/2011 — Resolution: Martin County Democrats Stand With Occupy
08/10/2011 — How America Criminalised Poverty
09/18/2011 — 2012 May Be America's Final Election
09/03/2011 — Goodbye to All That
06/12/2011 — Things are worse than you may think
05/12/2011 — The Eleven Craziest Things Newt Gingrich Has Ever Said
04/20/2011 — The Truth About GOP Hero Ayn Rand
04/11/2011 — Tax Cuts for the Rich on the Backs of the Middle Class
03/04/2011 — President Obama shares the stage with Jeb Bush in Miami
03/01/2011 — Governor Rick Scott: Sanford, Minus Sex Scandal
02/17/2011 — Train Wreck of a Governor
02/16/2011 — Rooney Favors Polluters Over People
02/14/2011 — FCIC Report Turns a Blind Eye to Wall Street Fraud
02/10/2011 — FOX NEWS INSIDER: "Stuff Is Just Made Up"
02/07/2011 — Scott Attacks Working and Middle Class Floridians
02/03/2011 — The Conservative Class War
Rooney Doesn't Get It
01/08/2011 — Rod Smith Elected Chairman Of The Florida Democratic Party
01/11/2011 — Eula Clarke Wins Stuart City Commission Runoff Election
12/04/2010 — Rooney's vote to block unemployment benefits shows he doesn't ?get it'
12/01/2010 — Rooney costs Treasure Coast hundreds of millions
11/10/2010 — Congratulations Tea Party
11/10/2010 — SS and Medicare
10/21/2010 — How We Got Here
10/21/2010 — What a truly brutal election
11/03/2010 — Democracy is in Danger
10/21/2010 — To The Tea Party: Go Screw Yourself
10/21/2010 — Top Corporations Aid U.S. Chamber of Commerce Campaign
10/05/2010 — President Obama's Accomplishments Thus Far
10/04/10 — Scott needed to explain the "criminal and fraudulent" allegations
09/06/10 — Five Steps to Burning Books
08/24/10 — Fox News gives Republicans $1 Million to defeat Democrats
08/22/10 — Guest Editorial: Amendment 4:
08/11/10 — A List of President Obama's Accomplishments Thus Far
Martin County Democrats — Prop 8 OVERTURNED
08/06/10 — FDP Newsletter August 6, 2010
Republicans are Standing with BP
08/02/2010 — Let the Tax Cuts Expire
07/23/10 — FDP Newsletter July 23, 2010
07/09/10 — FDP Newsletter July 9, 2010
07/26/10 — Fox News Audience Just 1.38% Black
06/25/10 — FDP Newsletter June 25, 2010
06/21/10 — Ed Luscinskas
06/11/10 — FDP Newsletter June 11, 2010
05/14/10 — FDP Newsletter May 14, 2010
04/16/10 — FDP Newsletter April 16th, 2010
04/28/10 — DRILL, BABY, DRILL
03/21/10 — Healthcare Reform Passes
03/20/10 — Republican "Tea Baggers"
03/22/10 — 850 workers to be hired in Treasure Coast with $16 million in stimulus money
03/11/10 — In Florida's past, great leaders really led
02/15/10 — Woman's Club February Newsletter
12/07/09 — The history of health-care reform.
09/09/09 — Republican "Family Values": Mark Foley — TC Palm Article
08/23/09 — 5 Myths About Health Care Around the World
08/16/09 — Why scientists are seldom Republicans
07/31/09 — Republican Harrassment Strategy
06/18/09 — 2010 Democratic Primary for Attorney General
06/30/09 — Woman's Club June Newsletter
05-15-09 - Where's Charlie Hotline
04/30/09 — Republican Leadership has Failed the People of Florida.
04-28-09 — A Liberal Democrat Returns to the Fold
04/16/09 — Republicans refuse federal money for unemployment compensation
04-15-09 — Pensacola "Teabaggers" Get Confused by Facts
04-09-09 — Republican Club Hosts Racist Anti-American
03-09-09 — Obama rolling back Bush limits on stem-cell research
02/24/09 — Survey Reveals Broad Support for President
02-21-09 — County Committee and Board and Agency Openings
02/15/09 — Florida Development, Reaping the Fruit Planted by Greed
02/15/09 — Woman's Club February Newsletter
02/13/09 - Text of Recovery Bill (pdf)
02/04/09 — The Myth of 'Self-Regulation'
02/02/09 — Citizens Growth Management Forum
02/02/09 — Bill Ramos Announces Candidacy for the Florida State Senate, District 28
01/30/09 — Shameful Corporate Greed
01/30/09 — Redistricting
01/27/09 — Rooney Votes Against Children's Health Care
01/22/09 — Obama Acts To Halt Tribunals
01/20/09 — President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address
01/17/09 — Message From the Chair
01/15/09 — Florida Development Gone Wild
01/11/09 — Republican Thrift Unwise and Ill-Timed
01/14/09 — Florida Senate Statement
01/12/09 — Want to Know Why Oil Prices Went So High?
01/06/09 — Florida House Statement
01/10/09 — How Bush Botched War on Terror
01/08/09 — Obama Speech (January 8, 2009)
01/06/09 — Economic Stimulus Package (pdf)
01/06/09 — Florida House Statement
01/02/09 — GOP Failure Bigger Than Bush
12/28/08 - "Floridians for Smarter Growth" Amendment
12/23/08 — Capitalist Fools
12/13/08 — Republican Senators Squash Auto Rescue
12/12/08 — The South Wins The Civil War?
12/09/08 — $73 an Hour: Adding It Up
12/07/08 — Forrest Gump Explains Mortgage Backed Securities
12/02/08 — The Truth about UAW Members and the U.S. Auto Industry
12/02/08 — Democrats Smell Blood in Florida
10/23/08 — The New York Times Endorses Democrat Barack Obama
10/19/08 — Martin's Campaign Contrasts
10/16/08 — Acorn
10/16/08 — MIAs of the GOP
10/10/08 — The Mask Slips
10/10/08 — Obama is making a serious play for Florida
10/06/08 — Make-Believe Maverick
10/04/08 — Palm Beach Post Endorses Democrats
09/28/08 — PB Post: Martin Dems Get a Pulse
09/25/08 — Keating Five Ring a Bell?
 2008 General Election Constitutional Amendments Proposals
09/15/08 — The Party that Wrecked America
09/13/08 — White Privilege
09/09/08 — Obama and the Palin Effect
09/08/08 — Democrats have best chance at winning in Martin County since 1990
09/06/08 — The Ultimate Race Card
09/05/08 — Implicit Constitutional Qualifications For Vice Presidents
08/30/08 — Sarah Palin, Wrong for Florida, Wrong for America
08/29/08 — McCain's VP Pick
08/28/08 — Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech Party Photos
08/16/08 — McCain The Candidate We Still Don't Know
08/08/08 — Why McCain Would be a Mediocre President
08/07/08 — Club's Democratic Candidates Forum
08/03/08 — Obama Requests Florida Delegates get Full Vote at Convention
08/03/08 — The Power of One
07/24/08 — Freedom's Watch
07/22/08 — The Republican Party is the Greatest Threat America has Ever Faced.
07/19/08 — Republican Leadership has Produced a Gloomy Economic Environment
07/12/08 — Voter registrations in Florida show 'huge swing' toward Democrats
07/05/08 — Obama Shifts Toward the "Middle"
07/02/08 — Conservatives Filibuster Medicare Patients
06/21/08 — Mystery Green Party Candidates
06/20/08 — John McCain and Charlie Crist Support Opening Florida's Shores to Oil Drilling
06/20/08 — Ladies, Don't Hop on McCain Train
06/20/08 — Offshore Oil Wells, Keeping oil rigs off our shores
06/18/08 — Eric Brent Files as Democrat in District 1
06/17/08 — Tom Fullman Files as Democrat in District 1
06/17/08 — "Right-wing Nuts" Write-ins Qualify to Run in Four Martin County Races
06/10/08 — Kucinich presents Bush impeachment articles
06/10/08 — Voter ID Law Thwarts Nuns
John McCain wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years.
06/05/08 — No Lobbyist Donations
05/31/08 — We Are Going to Denver! Florida's Votes Count!
05/24/08 — Campaign Kickoff Rally
Republican Culture of Corruption
05/21/08 — Martin County GOP to block Democrats from Voting in Local Races
05/21/08 — Wide-open races in Martin
05/21/08 — Geller Letter to DNC
05/17/08 — Democratic Rally May 17, 2008
05/12/08 — Constitution's Flexibility Is What Makes It So Great
05/11/08 — Ausman Letter
05/09/08 — More Hispanics are Democrats
05/03/08 — Women's Club April Newsletter
04/22/08 — The Great Silence: Our Gilded Age and Theirs
04/05/08 — 10 Things About John McCain
04/03/08 — Women’s Club March Newsletter
03/19/08: — New Hampshire Cheated, Too
03/18/08 — Wall Street on Welfare
03/14/08 — How Did Florida's Delegates Get Taken Away?
03/30/08 — Empty Chair Charlie
03/02/08 — McCain's Racist Remark
03/01/08 — Local Delegates Elected in March 1st Caucus
02/27/08 — Mahoney for defending the Constitution
02/18/08 — Dems "Surrender to Terror". Where does Washington's gridlock comes from?
01/29/08: Clinton Commits to Seating Florida's Delegates
Barack Obama speaks In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King
01/23/08: Bush & Republicans Makes 259 False Statements
01/06/08: George McGovern: Why I Believe Bush Must Go
12/27/07: Pending Property Tax Revisions on the Ballot for 2008
12/06/07: Mahoney's Housing Bill Passes with Unanimous Support in House
11/20/07: Become a 2008 Democratic National Convention Delegate
11/14/07: Local Culture of Corruption? Republican Commissioner Susan Valliere
09/23/07: Democratic Presidential Primary to be on January 29th, 2008
08/28/07: Will your primary vote count in 2008?
07/26/07: Martin County Democrats Call for the Impeachment of Vice President Cheney
07/17/07: Bush Executive Order: Criminalizing the Antiwar Movement
07/15/07: Dick Cheney Explains The Quagmire in Iraq
08/31/07: Four State Pledge Letter
07/01/07: Martin Democrats Surpass all but 3 Counties in Statewide 2nd Qtr. Fundraising
06/11/07: John Perkins on "The Secret History of the American Empire"
05/27/07: If You Ask Me — Dave Dew
05/27/07: Guest Opinion — Immigration Reform Bill
05/25/07: Congressman Tim Mahoney's Statement on Iraq Supplemental
05/21/07: Why This Scandal Matters
05/04/07: Verifiable Voting in Martin County
04/05/07: Guest Opinion — Property Taxes
03/11/07: Martin Democrats Support: "The Martin County Consensus" Platform
02/25/07: Bush administration funding violent Sunni groups?
02/26/07: Coalition of the Unwilling
02/20/07: Gore movie fires up Jensen Beach couple to speak out
02/19/07: Martin County Democrats Adopt "Iraq Conflict Resolution"
02/17/07: Republican Representative Rohrabacher: Global Warming May Have Been Caused By "Dinosaur Flatulence"
02/13/07: Where is the RNC’s outrage over Karl Rove’s racism?
02/02/07: Chair's Message: Verifiable Voting in Martin County
02/02/07 — Paper Trail Voting in Martin County
02/02/07: Electronic Voting Systems
02/02/07: Voting System Options
01/27/07: Port Salerno Seafood Festival and Photos
01/04/07: Mahoney Inauguration and Photos of Washington DC
12/09/06: Let's Clean House Rummage Sale
12/02/06: Holiday Parade Photos
10/22/06: THE POST Endorses Tim Mahoney
10/17/06: FDP Response to Bizarre Republican Party Attack
10/15/06: Palm Beach Post Endorses Bill Ramos
10/05/06: Keith Olbermann on the difference between terrorists and critics.
09/30/06: PBC Democrat Chair Wahid Mahmood Demands Public Apology
09/30/06: Local Republican Leaders Get Nasty
09/29/06: Congressman Mark Foley Accused of Sending 'Sick' E-mails
09/29/06: Have the Republicans Allowed the Terrorists to Win?
09/28/06: Report Links White House and Abramhoff
09/24/06: Iraq War Has made Us Less Safe
09/22/06: Conservatives have Demonized Bill Clinton
09/15/06: Republicans Say No to $2B for 9/11 Heroes
09/14/06: Keith Olbermann, A Murrow Moment
09/12/06: Republicans to go Negative
09/04/06: Mr. Bush, "Have You No Sense of Decency, Sir?"
09/04/06: Is There Still a Terrorist Threat?
09/01/06: Canadian Single-Payer Health Care Program
08/31/06: Contract On America?
08/30/06: Mr. Rumsfeld, There Is Fascism
08/24/06: Mark Foley's Voting Record and Campaign Contributions
08/17/06: Mahoney Skewers Foley at Hobe Sound Forum
08/12/06: Is the United States winning the war on terror?
07/21/06: Stem Cell Research and "Compassionate Conservative"?
07/19/06: Bush gropes German Chancellor Angela Merkel
07/13/06: Republicans Hinder Renewal of Voting Rights Act
07/06/06: State needs a new policy on insurance
07/06/06: Wherever honest and courageous public servants are punished for being right
07/04/06: American politics is marked by vicious partisanship
07/01/06: Ken Pruitt Must Testify
07/01/06: Democratic Women's Club: "Martin County Public Education - Making a Difference"
06/30/06: William Ramos to Run for State Representative House District 81
06/01/06: Was the 2004 Election Stolen?
05/27/06: Politics and Pancakes
05/24/06: Republican Pruitt Draws Ethics Complaint
05/18/06: Republican Party Executive Guilty
05/15/06: Provision to help Ken Pruitt's employer pulled from bill
03/17/06: Hobe Sound Rally A Success
03/02/06: Katherine Harris Illegal Campaign Contributions
03/02/06: Poll found that only 18 percent of the public has a favorable view of Cheney.
02/26/06: Martin County Democrats at the Dirty River Dance
02/23/06: Martin Golf and Country Club Cartoons
02/18/06: Martin County Fair 2006
01/10/06: Republican Culture of Corruption
01/31/06: William Pitt, The State of the Union 2006
01/27/06: Thurman calls on the Senate to censure Ken Pruitt
01/23/06: Voting Machine Fraud
01/23/06: "I Saw It Hacked"
01/18/06: Mahoney Earns Early AFL-CIO Endorsement
01/16/06: Al Gore's MLK Day Speech
01/15/06: Time for US to Leave Iraq By Walter Cronkite
01/10/06: Town Hall Meeting with Senator Nelson
01/10/06: Bush Accuses Democrats of giving aid and comfort to the enemy
01/10/06: Wickstrom on Big Sugar
12/20/05: Florida Political Breakdown
12/15/05: South Florida's Anti-War Activists Labeled as "Threat" by Defense Department
12/15/05: Scrooge in the House
12/14/05: 2005 Stuart Holiday Parade
12/12/05: Martin Delegates Attend 2005 Florida State Convention
11/22/05: Bob Graham Explains Why He Voted Against War
11/05/05: Dinner With Democrats
10/20/05: Ten Biggest Stories Ignored or Under-Covered by the Mainstream Media
10/09/05: Carl Hiaasen Writes About the killing of the St. Lucie River
09/28/05: Rep. Tom DeLay stepped aside as House majority leader
09/28/05: Bush's Booze Crisis
09/24/05: Hurricane Katrina
09/17/05: Democratic Women's Club of Martin County "Tea with Eleanor Roosevelt"
09/01/05: Poverty Levels Increase for Five Straight Years Under Republican Rule
08/27/05: Dancing In the Street in Downtown Stuart
08/03/05: Sister Teresa Auad Spoke on Affordable Housing
07/28/05: Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Davis to Meet with Martin County Democrats
07/20/05: Plamegate: White House Gets Tangled In Web of Deceit
07/19/05: Bush Nominates John Roberts to the Supreme Court
07/17/05 — The Framing Wars
07/11/05: Chair's Message
06/15/05: Fighting Back: The Quiet Plot to Steal America, and What to Do About It
06/10/05: FL Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz Responds to GOP Abuse of Power
06/05/05: Bush's False Optimism On Iraq
05/17/05: Historians Rate the Bush Presidency as "Worst Ever"
05/01/05: Downing Street Memo
04/28/05: In a major defeat to Majority Leader Bill Frist
04/08/05: DeLay Ethics Allegations Now Cause of GOP Concern
04/08/05: DeLay Ethics Allegations DeLay's Political Groups Paid Two Relatives
04/08/05: DeLay Ethics Allegations Martinez & Former Delay Aide Linked to "Shiavo Memo"
03/31/05: Conservative Judge Blasts Bush
03/31/05: Terri Schiavo has died
03/30/05: Bill Bradley Explains the Future of The Democratic Party
03/29/05: TC Peace Coalition Announces Demonstration
03/29/05: MCTA 2005 Annual Dinner Thursday
03/24/05: Schiavo case redefining the language of politics
03/24/05: DeLay, Deny and Demagogue
Team Schiavo's Deep Pockets
03/24/05: Republican's Schiavo Talking Points Document
03/24/05: A Diagnosis With a Dose of Religion. Jebs' Doc called a bogus, a pro-life fanatic
03/23/05: Playing politics, there can be no doubt that extreme Republicans
03/22/05: Law Bush signed as Texas governor prompts cries of hypocrisy
03/20/05: Antiwar demonstration on Roosevelt Bridge
03/15/05: Dean Urges Dems to Sign Petition
03/15/05: Five Things Every Democrat Should Know About Social Security
03/11/05: Are They Advocating Default?
03/09/05: Race to Replace Florida Democratic Party Chief
03/05/05: Martin Democrats to Organize "Growth" Forum
The Evangelical Religious Right
06/01/03: Mark Foley: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
DNC Selects New Chair
Chair's Message: What's Next!
Chair's Message: Attainable Housing
Chair's Message: Martin County Fair
Chair's Message: Jefferson-Jackson
Redistricting Petitions
The War In Iraq
Fascism Anyone?
Democrat of the Month Jeff Callahan
Democrat of the Month Phil Attey



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