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Club Change

Club Change of Martin County

You're Invited to be Part of the New Grassroots Program: Club Change of Martin County

The purpose of this public service club is to assist our new President in his efforts to give the country the change it needs. We have identified the topics below as of special interest to Martin County.


Stuart Woman’s Club Map
729 East Ocean Blvd
Stuart, FL

During the month of July, Club CHANGE will be focusing a major effort on the issue of Health Care.
We will be holding service events, forums, petition signings, etc. on this issue.
A core team has been established to identify the key events for the Health Care issue:

Committee Chair: Rick Speizak
Committee Vice Chair: Amy Wexler
Health Care Campaign Committee Lead: Maria Palenchar
Health Care Communication Committee Lead: Ashley Dwyer
Club CHANGE President: Linda Green
Club CHANGE Vice President: Andrew Regnery
Organizing for America POC: Ryan

We are defining our Health Care activities with multiple meetings this week. We should have a better understanding after the holiday weekend.
Even though we are not nhaving our general membership meeting in July, our Health Care Committee will be leading several activities during July.

Health Care - Rick Spisak - Chair
Health Care in Martin County
Call to Action: Health Care Reform 2009

Education - Shawna Dooner - Chair

Environment/Energy - Jack Bradin - Chair

Disability/Veterans - Andrew Regnery - Chair

Low Income Housing/ Homeless/ Food Banking - Steve Pitkins - Chair

Child Advocacy - Linda Green - Chair

Economy - Jennifer Ahern - Chair

Civil Rights - Linda Codrington - Chair

To contact Club Change: ObamaClubCHANGE@gmail.com

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Affordable Housing
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The Environment
The Economy
The Disabled
Reproductive Rights
Civil Rights

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